Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lenovo International Warranty Service Facts and Tips

We’ve had lots of questions recently about International Warranty Service (IWS), what systems are eligible, what’s included, how to find out more, etc..  So, here are a few hints and tips to confirm whether you’re covered the next time you travel with your ThinkPad. - Lenovo Wordwide

What is International Warranty Service (IWS)?

IWS lets you receive Warranty Service for eligible Lenovo Think systems when you travel or relocate to a country where that product is sold and serviced.  The length of coverage is based on the length of your original base warranty, but the method or level of service (depot, onsite, carry-in) may be different.

There are certain countries that may require a proof of purchase or proof of proper importation before you can receive an IWS service and there may be fees or restrictions that apply when and if you need IWS. 
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Phillippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • Argentina

How can I determine if my machine is eligible for IWS?

You can check out whether your system is eligible, find contact information and country coverage at:
Upon providing your machine type or series number, identify the country of interest and call the contact number provided to initiate IWS service for your machine.

 What’s covered versus not covered?

  • Refurbished machines are not eligible for International Warranty Service.  Most refurbished machine warranties are shorter than the original warranty and are only valid within the country of purchase. 
  • Certain countries may not have the capability of servicing ALL models of a particular machine type.
    • In cases where the country may not have the ability to service a particular model, service may be provided on a “best effort” basis and some fees may apply.
  • Warranty Extensions and Upgrades (i..e Onsite) are the only Lenovo Services that are eligible for International Warranty Service
  • Accidental Damage Protection and Priority Technical Support are not eligible for International Warranty Coverage.
Hope this helps with your questions on International Warranty Service.  If you have others, shoot us note or comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! 

How customers think of ThinkPad X230?

The best Laptop Ever!!!
Date: Oct 15, 2013

I am very satisfied with this product. Specially after selecting 16GB of ram to help out with VM hosts. Graphic is great, perfect size... I successully built a laptop that matched my needs :P I really recommend it !

Superb Hardware
Date: Apr 27, 2013
pros (13) Battery,Input/Output compatibility,Weight,Processor,Durability,Software compatibility,Memory,Bluetooth,Video card,Wireless card,Keyboard/peripherals,Build Quality,Display performance
cons (3) Display resolution,Included Software,Screen size

Like: - IPS display, it's really worth it - Keyboard lets me type like a demon - Chassis, super solid and great industrial aesthetic, this is no piece of apple jewelry - Great ventilation - Super easy to repair/upgrade - Works great with Ubuntu - MSATA slot for an SSD (for Ubuntu, perhaps) Dislike: - 1366x768 resolution... whyyyy??? - Bloatware, including something called "Windows" - Small-ish trackpad, I carry a mouse - HDD

Best Yet
Date: Mar 27, 2013
pros (6) Battery,Weight,Processor,Durability,Keyboard/peripherals,Build Quality

Bought the X230 last August to replace my several-year-old X200, which in turn had replaced some older model! I'm a satisfied Lenovo customer, obviously. I use it primarily for business applications and lots of online activity. Quite speedy with outstanding battery life (9-cell battery). Compact size and solid construction make it ideal for travel. The new keyboard style has won me over - my old machine with its IBM style keyboard now seems klunky and clattery. The little red trackpoint is one of my favorite Thinkpad features - hope they never, ever, do away with this option. Can't comment on Lenovo support because I've never had to contact them--which is a testament to the quality of the product.

Highly satisfied
Date: Mar 05, 2013