Saturday, May 4, 2013

[Hands On] - ThinkPad T430s

ThinkPad T430s - Picture by

For Windows users, ThinkPad Laptops are always the good choice, and again ThinkPad T430s confirms that thought. Lenovo still keeps the old design of IBM over 20 years ago for ThinkPad brand and adds to it some improvements. As we see on ThinkPad T430s, the big change is on keyboard design, Lenovo brings its modern keyboard type to all new ThinkPads. User will need a bit time to get familiar with this change, the same story as when Lenovo brought widescreen display to all ThinkPad models.

[Accessories] - Lenovo Laser Wireless Mouse - A Beautiful and Professional Stuff

You have a ThinkPad, now you want to find a wireless mouse for fast pointing usage, think about Lenovo Laser Wireless Mouse. This one is really impressing. Your ThinkPad is Black, Red and White, this mouse is too. It's beautiful and the size is fixed for your palm. For every action on it, you can hear a nice solid sound, not too loud, just enough to indicate that you just do somethings. The wheel has 5 functions: scroll up, scroll down, move back, move forward, and open new page, really useful for an internet user. For any moves, the pointer goes smoothly and accurately.

This mouse comes with 2 high-capacity AA battery (in box for most countries), promised for using more than six months. When you open it, you can see a little robot appeared- "a Transformer mouse". The full specs is listed below:
  • Size designed that balances ergonomics with comfort and portability
  • Exclusively contoured for both right and left-handed usage with soft touch finish for all-day use
  • 1600 dpi resolution, Laser sensor
  • Works on most surfaces; no mouse pad required
  • 4-way scroll wheel which also works as button and function can be changed via driver
  • 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • Micro-size USB receiver stores neatly inside the mouse for travel
  • Unique battery compartment with hinge design securely holds and eases battery removal and installation
  • Includes two high-capacity AA battery (in box for most countries)
  • Battery life indicator
... and, ORDER IT NOW

[Memory] - ThinkPad X201s - The Legend Forever

ThinkPad X201s

Being introduced along with ThinkPad X201 on March 2010, X201s truly exceled compared with its brother. Even compared with some current ultraportable notebook at present time, ThinkPad X201s still have a certain position. One of the wonderful features of  X201s is that it's extremely thin and light with only 1.1kg for a configuration with battery 4cell, 1.23kg for 6Cell and 1.39kg for 9cell. The screen resolution is really awesome, 12.1 "WXGA + (1440x 900) LED Display (16:10). X201/X201s is the first model of ThinkPad X equipped TouchPad, and this is one of the best ThinkPad TouchPads ever from IBM time until now, smooth, light and very accurate.

ThinkPad X201/X201s Configuration

For more details of ThinkPad X201s, follow by ThinkPad X201/X201s Datasheet ♬

[Thinking] - Is it Worth to Wait for ThinkPad T431s

ThinkPad T431s

As we know that Lenovo will release a new ThinkPad model - T431s, another ThinkPad Ultrabook on this Spring with the quote:

With carbon fiber reinforcement for durability, a newly enhanced keyboard optimized for Windows 8, and introducing the ThinkPad 5-point TrackPad, the T431s Ultrabook™ delivers premium features.

Look like that there is no new for the configuration. ThinkPad T431s has a common specs as:
  • Up to 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ processor
  • Up to Windows 8 Pro
  • 14" HD+ (1600x900) Anti-Glare Display
  • Starting at 3.6 lbs
  • Up to 9 hours with integrated 47Wh
  • Up to 1TB HDD or 256GB SSD SATA3
  • Up to 12GB (4 on board + 1 DIMM slot)
  • Dolby® Home Theater® v4

It's lighter than T430s (1.63kg vs 1.79kg), but T430 is stronger with Intel Core M Processor and Graphics Card 1GB. Seem that T431s is designed to go with Windows 8. If you love the new design, T431s is nice. But if you need a stronger mobile notebook, T430s is the right choice.

More details for T431s:

[Leak] - ThinkPad X230s or X231s explained - Brief Review

Some time ago i wrote article about Lenovo’s new ThinkPads that they will release in year 2013, more specifically i mentioned about the new ThinkPad X231s, X240 and X241s. Thanks to the effort of IBMThink whom have been providing the ThinkPad enthusiasts with oddles of useful information on a series of new ThinkPads that are about to be released. Recently, IBMThink released some information about the new ThinkPad X230s, which purportedly is a China only model.