Saturday, May 4, 2013

[Memory] - ThinkPad X201s - The Legend Forever

ThinkPad X201s

Being introduced along with ThinkPad X201 on March 2010, X201s truly exceled compared with its brother. Even compared with some current ultraportable notebook at present time, ThinkPad X201s still have a certain position. One of the wonderful features of  X201s is that it's extremely thin and light with only 1.1kg for a configuration with battery 4cell, 1.23kg for 6Cell and 1.39kg for 9cell. The screen resolution is really awesome, 12.1 "WXGA + (1440x 900) LED Display (16:10). X201/X201s is the first model of ThinkPad X equipped TouchPad, and this is one of the best ThinkPad TouchPads ever from IBM time until now, smooth, light and very accurate.

ThinkPad X201/X201s Configuration

For more details of ThinkPad X201s, follow by ThinkPad X201/X201s Datasheet ♬

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